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Have you ever noticed your iPhone’s battery draining fast particularly in the last few hours? Have you calibrated your iPhone’s battery before? If ‘NO’ then this blog is for you.

Everyone knows that iPhone has good battery life but there are very less people who enjoy it completely. Because of such problem, calibration of iPhone becomes essential and in this blog, you will come to know how to calibrate your iPhone/iPad/iPod easily.


You may have noticed that while accessing your iPhone, though there is much battery left but unexpectedly it shuts down. This means that your device don’t have that much power to continue with battery life. It shows something but happen some other thing.

In fact, this condition happens due to several reasons like may be your iDevice spends lot of time in extreme temperature and when it gets extreme cold then the battery drain fast. It means if your phone is charged fully 100% in spite of that it can only work for few minutes. But compared to this condition, if your iPhone becomes normal then it can last longer no matter it has only 20% battery left.

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Practical scenario

My 6 month old iPhone 5 battery registered 67%, and then I was recording a video for all of 2 minutes when suddenly my iPhone shut down. Surely my battery is ok. I think the battery needs re calibrating to give a more accurate representation of battery status. How do I do this?

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Why it is important to calibrate iPhone battery?

When we continue using our phone then one thing we realize after sometime that the phone has lost somewhere in giving the battery backup which is required and which was at the first day of buying the device. It seems that battery is draining fast instead of having 30%-40% charge. This is the time that iPhone users should calibrate their devices.

You should notice here that there are reasons behind calibrating your iPhone. Calibrating allows calculating battery life and this is instructed to do after every upgrade on your device or at least once in a month. It means that after upgrading to any latest version of iOS, if you come across low battery performance then you need to calibrate your device.

Generally battery problem occurs because after upgrading, many new features are added which drain your iPhone’s battery fast. Though several researches are done by Apple to improve life of battery but at the same time, it also introduces an advance feature which drains the full battery.

One thing you can get after calibration is you can totally calculate the battery life and at the same time, you can also know how you use your device. Also check out how to Fix iPhone 7/ 7 Plus Overheating and Battery Draining Problem with Simple Guide!

Calibrating your device means ions present inside the battery keeps on flowing because lithium ion batteries require constant usage if you want high battery performance. Even this step is recommended by Apple also.

But calibrating can help you to improve your iPhone’s battery life and you can better calculate how much time your iPhone is running.

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How to know your iPhone battery needs calibration?

This is very important to know when your iPhone needs calibrating. When your iPhone is 30% charge and after that it shuts down automatically then ensure that your device requires calibration. But it is also important to know in spite of full drain, still 5% battery is left before it completely shuts down. Many times it shows 100% battery but suddenly it shuts down. Don’t wait for anything but simply calibrate your iPhone’s battery.

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NOTE– Don’t think that your iPhone’s battery has drained completely means it don’t have any charge left. Because even after it shuts down automatically, still 1% is left.

3 Tips to Calibrate iPhone Battery

Tip 1: Draw off the iPhone’s battery completely

First use your iPhone until it drains completely. No matter whatever percentage you have on your iPhone, use it fully till it comes to 0%. After that, leave your device without charging the whole night so that it can discharge further.

Tip 2: Plug your iPhone

Now plug your iPhone and wait to power it up. Also ensure you use the charger which you got with the device. After charge for some time, your device gets started on its own. Press the sleep/wake button and click on “slide to power off”. Now charge your iPhone till 100% and don’t use it in between. After fully charge, leave the phone for next 1-2 hours so that it can charge fully to 100%. This is because according to Apple, even after 100% charge, it can be further charged.

Tip 3: Restart your device

Now while your phone is connected to the charger, press sleep/wake button on your device. Now reset your device holding both Home and Power button till the Apple logo appears. Also hold them further until iOS shutdown screen appears. Now your device reset is complete and iPhone’s battery calibration is over.

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Battery problem of your iPhone is common and it becomes more critical after you upgrade your device to any latest iOS version. But whenever your iPhones battery doesn’t last longer then it requires calibration. This is a simple process and no need to worry about it. I hope I have helped you in describing how to calibrate iPhone battery for maximum performance.

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3 Tips to Calibrate iPhone Battery for Maximum Life & Performance
3 Tips to Calibrate iPhone Battery for Maximum Life & Performance
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3 Tips to Calibrate iPhone Battery for Maximum Life & Performance
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