backup iphone data before update to ios 8We cannot wait to update our iPhone or iPad to iOS 8 but after updating we found that some important data such as contacts, text messages, images, videos, notes were lost. It is very important to backup data before upgrading it to iOS 8. From iOS 7 update user should learn a lesson that before updating iOS it is very important to backup your data.

We generally save our data in our device and the data stored in it really means a lot to us. Losing important data or any memorable data from our device is very disappointing situation for every user. Some important text messages, images, videos that we have stored in our device when gets lost it is like a disaster has occurred. After upgrading you might have noticed that some your data is inaccessible in your device. Some third party application gets crash. To resolve this type of issue it is always advised to backup the data so that you don’t face a data loss situation.

There are two backup that every iOS device user should know: iTunes backup and iCloud backup. These two ways is not a perfect way to backup. iTunes backup file is quite easy to cover as you sync your  iPhone with iTunes, and iCloud account allow the user to store 5GB data, and after restore you can cover all files from your iOS device. And if you are looking for a way to deal with your iPhone, iPad data backup then you can use MobileGo software for Mac/Windows. This software help you to cover up all the data on your iPhone, iPad that iTunes fail to do. If you have lost your data or want to move the data to your PC then no need to worry by the help of this software you can perform any task. This software can transfer your data such as video music, iTunes etc from your device to iTunes and data such as text message, contacts, photos etc to your PC.

How to transfer data such as Music, Videos, Playlists and More to iTunes & PC

For exporting the data you first need to connect your devices through USB data cable and after this open the program window.

Export video, music, playlists etc to iTunes and PC?

Hit ‘To iTunes’ in primary window to export all the media on your iPod/iPad/iPhone to iTunes Library. So your videos, playlists, music etc will then export to iTunes from Apple device. To copy music from your device to iTunes Library move to Music window to perform this task.

ug1There is other way to transfer the files. In media management window, you can export the media to iTunes PC. Simply click on file that you need to export after this on the menu bar click on ‘Export’ button. Now you can transfer the media files to your iTunes library or your computer easily and even other Device.


Note:  When you decide to transfer the data you can even click on ‘Smart Export to iTunes’ directly for exporting music to your iPhone, iPod or iPad to iTunes. Because of this the song will be exported to that is not in iTunes Library which will avoid the song duplication.

windows icon For Windows

Recover data from iDevice
Recover data from iTunes Backup
Recover data from iCloud Backup


mac icon For Mac

Recover data from iDevice
Recover data from iTunes Backup
Recover data from iCloud Backup

Backup iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch data before update to iOS 8 on Mac/Windows

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