fix airdrop on ios

Have you ever faced AirDrop not showing on iOS Control Center? Have you tried to solve why the problem appears and how to fix it? If you have come to same situation like other users of Apple then the below mentioned article will help you.

AirDrop is known as one of the useful sharing protocol for Apple users which transfers files easily and quickly between iPhones, iPod touch, iPads and Mac computers. The file includes photos, contacts, and documents along with some other types of files between any devices. But sometimes it can be frustrating for several Apple users when it does not show up at all in iOS, it behaves somewhat different that avoids the feature of sharing the files. AirDrop is not completely broken but still it does not appear and hence the results will be almost same. But when AirDrop is not showing up on control panel then the problem can be much high in iOS which should be fix instantly.

The problem in AirDrop which it does not show in control panel is a common problem which Apple users face but there is a solution for it. It is recommended to every iPhone or iPad user to upgrade their phone to the latest versions of iOS 9 because this can solve any problem that appears on your device easily. Even the upgrading of iPhone to the latest versions can really be helpful which has the ability to fix any issue alone and can provide complete experience with AirDrop. Upgrading your device with latest version can provide you best results with airdrop. Though there are several reasons for such issue but here you can able to know about how to fix the issue with AirDrop.

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Fix for AirDrop Not Showing up in iOS Control Center

However there are many prospective causes for AirDrop not visible to users but here you have to sure that your device is upgraded to latest version of iOS if it is not. After that you can solve the issue and then follow the below mentioned solution with AirDrop not showing on iPhone or iPod touch in iOS control panel.

  • First go to ‘General’ after opening the application settings in iOS
  • Then enter the passcode if required after going to ‘restrictions’
  • After that under the restriction lists for ‘AirDrop’ look for the switch which is toggled in ON position


  • At last exits from settings and now open control panel again, you can see AirDrop is visible


After doing all the above settings, whatever problem is there with AirDrop is easily solved and now it is no longer be restricted because all the features are enabled effectively and it will work as before that is shown in the picture below:


Now go to control panel and ON the feature after which the AirDrop will start to work for sharing without any issue. For your privacy purpose, if you want to set AirDrop to contacts only then it have an option to switch it into ‘everyone’ mode for temporary. This is done so that while searching some it won’t fail to do so. Now toggle AirDrop on and if the device is not able to find out the nearby device then you have to switch it from ‘contact only’ to ‘everyone’.


Note: The above mentioned ways will work nicely but sometimes the device requires rebooting only to make sure that AirDrop will work properly.

In addition, other common reasons for AirDrop not appearing in control center are due to not having Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled on device. Therefore you should be sure about the settings app.  Leaving the restrictions settings, still now it is not clear that why AirDrop gets disabled by default and this problem is faced by lots of users. But if the restriction is turned off then AirDrop is easily visible in Control Center again.

AirDrop Not Showing Up in iOS Control Center on Windows/Mac