Guide to Fix iOS 10 Common Issues

Are you experiencing iOS 10 issues? If yes then you are not alone as there are lots of users are suffering from different types of issues. In this blog you will read about the 8 Common iOS 10 Problems appear after upgrading your iDevice to iOS 10. From Below given issues find your one and apply the complete Guide to Fix iOS 10 common issues, with the help of all the given fixes you can fix iOS 10 errors without need of any expertise so you don’t have to call any professional or visit the service center.

Here are some issues with their solutions:

 iOS 10 bricking phones Problemupload2

iOS 10 has bricked many of iPhones and iPads, this issue is really scary for the  Apple fans as beta version was worked better.

In order to fix this problem, you need to use iTunes. With this restore the bricked Apple devices. Restoring your iDevice can solve this issue. Bricking issues of iPhones and iPads is very common in iOS 10, if you are still not faced this issue then you should always back up your devices before updating.

iOS 10 battery life drain Issueios1

Generally iOS 10.1 iDevices affects the battery life and drain the battery, if oyu are suffering low battery issue then apply the below given tricks:

First of all turn off background app refresh in Settings > General > Background App Refresh.

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Set to off the Fitness Tracking and non-essential applications, go to the Settings > Privacy > Motion & Fitness. If your connected your apple watch to your phone then you don’t need fitness tracking on your iDevice. Some other apps that affect the battery life are Health, Microsoft Health, TripAdvisor and Waze.

When you are not using the Wi-Fi then turn it off.  Always keep the brightness slider in check as display brightness is the main culprit of battery draining.

Keep track which applications are affecting your battery life. Navigate to Settings > Battery, here you will find the top battery killers.

iOS 10 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth issuesios-10-wi-fi-and-bluetooth-issues

This is the oldest issue of iOS device, and so it also appears on iOS 10 device.

You can solve the both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth issues easily: Navigate to the Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

Resetting Network Settings doesn’t affect the phone data, but it set the wireless connects to default settings.

iPhone stops vibrating after updating to iOS 10iphone-stops-vibrating-after-updating-to-ios-10

According to some report, when user upgrade their iPhones to iOS 10 then it stop vibrating when any notification appears. In order to get rid o this issue, you need to reboot the iPhone by pressing and holding the sleep button and the Home button for more than 10 seconds.

If rebooting doesn’t solve the issue then you need to factory reset your iPhone. But it is recommended to back up all your files and settings before performing reset.

Touch ID stops working in iOS 10how-to-fix-touch-id-not-working-on-ios-devcies-1

Sometime touch ID gets unable to work after upgrading to iOS 10, apply the below given solution:

Navigate to the Settings > Touch ID & Passcode and type your passcode. Turn off iTunes & App Store, after it reboot your device. Go back to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode and turn on iTunes & App Store.

After it remove and then rescan your fingerprints. Go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode and scroll down to the list of fingerprints. Tap on the fingerprint you want to remove, choose ‘Delete‘ and reboot your device. Once your iPhone or iPad reboots, go back into settings and again add your fingerprint. Touch ID should now work.

iOS 10 uses lots of mobile dataios-10-uses-lots-of-mobile-data

After upgrading to iOS 10 some iDevice start consuming more mobile data, the main cause of this issue is the Wi-Fi Assist feature.

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To set this option to off, navigate to the Settings > Mobile and scroll to the bottom of the menu. There will be a button next to ‘Wi-Fi Assist’, so make sure this option is set to ‘Off’.

iMessage notifications is not appearing in iOS 10imessage-notifications-is-not-appearing-in-ios-10

Updating your iDevice to iOS 10 no notification appear when you receive an iMessage, to resolve this go to the notification settings. Navigate to the Settings > Notifications > Messages.

Turn on all the toggles along to every option, and that the selected notification style is ‘Banner’.

Unable to delete apps in iOS 10delete-mail-app-ios-10

If you are unable to get rid of unused apps from your iOS 10 devices then don’t worry, this issue is unique but you can easily fix. When user trying to remove an app then they get a message “Waiting“, and the X icon to remove the app doesn’t come into view, apply the below given solution to fix this issue:

Do a hard reset of your iOS 10 device. Press and hold the power button and the Home button simultaneously for ten seconds until the Apple logo appears.

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If you are still unable to fix this issue then, confirm that you’re not installing any apps in the background while you try to remove other apps. Go to the App Store and then tap on Updates > Purchased.

Reset all your phone settings. Open up the Settings app and choose ‘General‘. Scroll down and choose ‘Reset’ then ‘Reset All Settings‘.

8 Common iOS 10 Problems and How to Fix them?