3 Easy Ways to Recover Wi-Fi Password From All iPhone Devices

Wi-Fi is the name given to the most well-known wireless networking technology that uses radio waves in order to provide wireless high-speed network connections and Internet. One of the most common misconceptions about Wi-Fi is that the term Wi-Fi is a word used as a short term for “Wireless Fidelity”, but in actual, this is not the thing. Wi-Fi is nothing but just a simply a trademarked phrase that means IEEE 802.11x.

How Wi-Fi Networks Works?

Wi-Fi networks have no physical wired connection between the receiver and the sender by using radio frequency (RF) technology. It is a frequency within the electromagnetic spectrum that is associated with radio wave propagation. Whenever a RF current is supplied to an antenna then an electromagnetic field is created then it is able to propagate via space.

When Wi-Fi is connected to the iPhone devices, sometime it happens that you may lose the password you have gives to the Wi-Fi settings. However, it is also a kind that can be recovered easily with some manual ways.

Practical Scenario

“Hi!!! I am Jack and I had to reset the network settings on my iPhone 7. After my phone got rebooted, I found that all of my saved Wi-Fi passwords were completely gone and due to this, every time I visited an old venue with Wi-Fi I have to locate the Wi-Fi password and then re-enter it. How can I get all the saved passwords put back on my iPhone 7?”

If you reset the network on your iPhone or you have friends came over and then want to log into your network but forgetting Wi-Fi password can be quite annoying for the users. In actual manner, it is not so easy to restore iPhone Wi-Fi password as the characters are replaced with asterisks. Meanwhile, the chances of losing the password are still high if you have connected your computer to the network or have backed up your device in iTunes for a few times. If you want to recover lost Wi-Fi password from iPhone devices then you can follow the three below mentioned ways:

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Method 1: Retrieve Wi-Fi Password on iPhone without Jailbreak

Method 2: Extract Wi-Fi Password from iPhone Backup

Method 3: Recover iPhone Network Password with Router Reset

Method 1: Retrieve Wi-Fi Password on iPhone without Jailbreak

One of the major source s of series of iPhone issues is the Jailbreak and so it is always recommended to make use of jailbreaking method in order to find saved Wi-Fi passwords on iPhone 7/7Plus/SE/6s/6/5s/5c/5. However, you can find the network password in your computer if you have ever connected the same Wi-Fi.

  • You can open the Start Menu or can also press the Windows button then type the “View network connection” in order to see the network.
  • After this, you can find the “Wi-Fi” in the menu option and then click it to show the list of options and then choose “Status” and then proceed.


  • There you will then get a pop-out window, right click on the “Wireless Properties”.


  • After this, another window will pop-up, there tap on the “Security” tab and after that tick the box next to “Show characters”. Next, the Wi-Fi password will show up to your device screen.


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Method 2: Extract Wi-Fi Password from iPhone Backup

Another great feature of iTunes is that, this allows you encrypting backups. So, if you have ever encrypted backup in iTunes then you can restore your password in Keychain from iTunes with an ease.

For this, you can connect your iPhone device to computer and then run iTunes. After this, click “Restore Backup” in order to retrieve your network password on iPhone.


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Method 3: Recover iPhone Network Password with Router Reset

Generally, there are the default network name and password near the router’s label on your system. You can try the password there if you are using them same network with your system. However, this trick works only for the situation that you have not changed the default password. In some cases, people have already used their own passcode then you can perform a successful Wi-Fi password recovery with the below method:

  • Connect your computer directly to them router and then enter the IP address of your router into any browsers.
  • After this, you will see a pop-out window that asks you to enter username and password and then login your account.


  • Then a wireless setup window will show up and then you can see an entry named “Wireless” or “Wi-Fi”. And then click this entry tom get the network password.


With these steps, you can enter this code manually into your iPhone. However, it is highly recommended you to save all your wireless passcode in a note-taking app in case if you ever forget any of them next time.


After trying all these three manual methods, you can be able to recover Wi-Fi password from your iPhone devices.  These steps are so easy to do that anyone can easily apply them without nay technical help. You can also try iOS Device Recovery tool if you ever find that you have lost nay data from your iPhone, iPad or even iPod. Data such as photos, videos, messages, notes, music, calendar, etc can be easily recovered with the help of this tool.

3 Easy Ways To Recover Wi-Fi Password From All iPhone Devices