How to Get Enough Storage on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch to install iOS 8

iPhone ,iPad and iPod lover can upgrade their phone to the latest iOS 8 officially. But this upgrade requires at least 4.6 GB of storage. So before downloading and installing iOS 8, you need to check storage of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Although the precise storage requirement for different iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch is different. So here are some tips which will tell you how much space would be enough:

  • if you’re going to upgrade to iOS 8 via iTunes than on your devices there should be  minimum 2GB storage;
  • make sure there is atleast 6GB storage on your iOS device if you planning to upgrade iOS 8 directly on your device (over the air);

Why the requirements for storage are different for upgrading to iOS 8 via iTunes and on the device directly?

While updating to iOS 8 from iTunes, the installation package of iOS 8 will be downloaded via iTunes and saved on your computer hardware. iTunes unpack the installation package straight on your computer hardware. Therefore no extra space is used on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch until and unless iOS 8 is installed. The entire iOS 8 operating system simply needs storage for more than 1GB. If you update the iOS 8 over the air (directly) on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, then you should arrange more space on your iOS device to save the installation package plus the space for unpacking. That’s the reason why extra storage is needed while updating to iOS 8 directly on your device. If your iOS device doesn’t have so much storage, you shall update to iOS 8 via iTunes.

Nevertheless, whether you will update to iOS 8 via iTunes or over the air, you are supposed to prepare free storage. The tough part is how to clean up your devices to free up extra space for iOS 8 update as there are several apps and required data. If you really want help than follow the tips below.

Tips to Free up Space for iOS Devices to do iOS 8 Update

  •    Delete unused apps

 Many people say they have more than 100 of apps installed on their devices .apps takes so much of space. Select any of the app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch until and unless all the apps wiggle. You will find the X symbol on the upper left, click on unused apps to delete those apps one-by-one. If you don’t need some apps at present, delete them first. Afterward, when you need them again you can download them from app store.

  • ·Backup photos and video

Photos and videos are our sweet memory captured on our device. So we always want them to be kept safe. For that you should always keep backup photos and video on your computer, and then you can delete the copies of photos and videos from your iOS device. You know, each high-definition video can take upto little MB storage. To keep your photos and videos save  you can try Wondershare TunesGo.

Messages, mainly these talks include large message attachments take too much space. If you don’t need unwanted conversation then you should delete them to free up storage for iOS 8 update.

Use Wondershare SafeEraser to remove files from your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch you can’t see visually.

    • Delete scrap files from iOS device. There are so many scrap files like, iTunes syncing cache, log files, download temp file, photo and video cache, app cookies, app cache and app temp files. You can test this function and clean upto more than 500MB storage. It totally depends on your iOS devices condition for how much storage it releases.
    • Erase your deleted files permanently from your iOS device. Whichever files you’ve deleted from your devices, like text messages and photos, they are still on your devices somewhere but invisible. This software will scan your devices and display these files for you to0 remove them selectively.

How to Get Enough Storage on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch to install iOS 8

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