iOS Data Recovery: Recover Lost Data From iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

How To Recover Lost Data From iOS Device

Learn Three Effective Ways To Recover Lost Or Deleted Data From iOS Devices (iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch)!

Summary: Accidentally deleted or lost your important photos, videos, contacts, audio, messages, documents or any other data on your iOS devices. Don’t worry, this page provide best iOS Data Recovery program and its complete steps by step tutorial to recover lost data from iPhone, iPad and iPod touch in three different and simple methods. (more…)

How To Recover Permanently Deleted Videos From iPhone

Restore Permanently Deleted iPhone Videos

Learn 3 Effective Solutions To Recover Permanently Deleted Video Files From iPhone!

Accidentally deleted important videos on your iPhone and lost them permanently?

Looking for effective solutions to recover permanently gone videos from your iPhone?

Don’t worry!

This page introduces reliable and perfect iPhone Video Recovery software that will help you to recover permanently deleted videos from iPhone without backup. (more…)

3 Methods To Export or Backup Text SMS From iPhone To PC or Mac

Export or Backup iPhone Text Messages To PC or Mac

Learn Three Easy and Effective Methods To Export, Backup or Transfer Text Messages From iPhone To PC or Mac Computer!

Summary: Want to export text SMS from iPhone? Looking to backup text messages from iPhone to Mac computer or Windows PC? Don’t worry! This webpage introduces 3 simple methods that will help you to export, backup or transfer iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch messages to PC or Mac. (more…)

How To Unlock “iPhone is disabled. Connect to iTunes”

Solutions To Fix iPhone is disabled Connect to iTunes

Learn Effective Solutions On How To Unlock “iPhone Is Disabled. Connect To iTunes” Error Message!

Getting error message “iPhone is disabled. Connect to iTunes” and have no idea on how to fix it or how to unlock it? So does iPad or iPod Touch? Well, just read this blog post till the end and follow the solutions to fix iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes problem. For more general solutions please check out – Forgot Your iPhone Screen Lock Password? Here’s What To Do!


Solved iOS Update Error: iPhone Attempting Data Recovery on iOS 11/10

Fix iPhone Attempting Data Recovery on iOS 11

Learn To Fix iOS Update Error “iPhone Attempting Data Recovery” on iOS 11/10 And Recover Data If Attempting Data Recovery Fails!

Many users when they tried to update their iPhone or iPad to iOS 11/11.1/11.2/11.3/10/10.1/10.2/10.3 via iTunes, then they encountered with the issue of “Attempting data recovery”.

The issue does not stop here, there are many users also complained that “attempting data recovery” process fails to get completed and lost partial or all of the data on the iPhone.

If such a situation is happened with you, then you can read this blog post and follow the instruction mentioned here to solve iOS update error – iPhone “attempting data recovery” on iOS 11 or 10. (more…)

How Do I Restore Deleted Contacts From iPhone 7/7 Plus?

Rescue Deleted Contacts

Learn The 3 Easiest Ways To Recover Deleted or Lost Contacts From iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus!

While using your new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, it may happen that you have mistakenly deleted your contacts, or you have performed a factory reset, these are basically two important factors that are responsible for loss of contacts from your iPhone.

Well, if your looking for a solution on how do I restore deleted contacts from iPhone 7/7 plus?

Then don’t worry, you can easily retrieve deleted contacts from iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus by following the 3 methods mentioned in this blog post.


How To Recover Deleted Address Book From iPhone?

How to Restore your missing Address Book from iPhone

Efficient Way To Recover Deleted Address Book/Contacts or Phone Numbers From iPhone!

It may happen that while using your iPhone, you found that the memory space in your phone is very low, so you have deleted some of your unimportant files from the gadget, and later you discover that while cleaning your phone, you have mistakenly deleted your Address Book as well that contains important contacts or phone numbers.

The other factors that are responsible for losing your address book are upgrading your iOS version, resetting your iPhone, iPhone jailbreak and many more. In such cases, the address book can be recovered from your saved backup and if you are not having any backup, then in that case also, you can easily recover deleted Address Book from iPhone with the assistance of iOS Data Recovery Tool. (more…)